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Biographical Data, Donald John Trump


The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, B.S.


New York City, NY

Political Affiliation: 


Marital Status: 

Married, Melania

Country of Citizenship: 

United States

Lastest “Donald John Trump” News

McCarthy told Trump trashing mail-in voting will hurt Republicans: report

Campaign — 09/06/20 05:51 PM EDT

Trump says Big Ten could play football without schools in three states

Administration — 09/06/20 04:44 PM EDT

Massachusetts proves Puerto Ricans are the secret key to Dem victory in November

Congress Blog — 09/06/20 04:00 PM EDT

Dealing with Russia: Bringing the outlaw state to justice

International — 09/06/20 03:00 PM EDT

Pelosi: Trump 'engaged in fright and fear' in efforts to 'discredit' voters

House — 09/06/20 02:28 PM EDT

Trump says officials will investigate whether California is using 1619 Project in classrooms

Administration — 09/06/20 01:52 PM EDT

Biden lead evaporates in Texas: poll

Campaign — 09/06/20 01:47 PM EDT

Atlantic editor: Reporting on Trump comments about fallen service members has only just begun

Media — 09/06/20 01:07 PM EDT

Secretaries of states warn Election Day could drag out

Campaign — 09/06/20 12:56 PM EDT

 Judge orders resumption of diversity visas

Administration — 09/06/20 12:16 PM EDT

Labor Day caps dismal summer for travel and tourism

Transportation — 09/06/20 12:00 PM EDT

NC election official says state is 'uniquely positioned' for increased use of absentee ballots

Sunday Talk Shows — 09/06/20 11:47 AM EDT

Sunday shows - Stimulus, election preparations dominate

Sunday Talk Shows — 09/06/20 11:36 AM EDT

Biden leads Trump by 6 points in Wisconsin: poll

Campaign — 09/06/20 11:32 AM EDT

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