The Democratic vice presidential nominee said a “credible source” would have to sign off on the vaccine before she would get it.

Some of the spending bankrolled his fight against a California law requiring him to release his tax returns before he could run again, according to The New York Times.

GOP lawmakers were seriously preparing for a flood of absentee ballots until the president signaled that he prefers chaos.


Critics say the White House is out to undercount certain populations.

How Donald Trump killed the Republican Party with racism and the rest of us with coronavirus.

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The president’s former personal attorney also details Trump’s shocking comments about people of color, and calling the evangelicals’ laying of hands on him “bulls**t.”

National security correspondent Jennifer Griffin calls her sources “unimpeachable” — unlike Trump.

The Fox News host says without evidence that the last three months of 2020 have been a “nationwide fear campaign” to drive votes against Donald Trump.

Calls poured into the Travis County Sheriff’s Office describing boats in varying states of distress.

It turns out treating the environment and public lands as an afterthought doesn’t sit well with many Americans.


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