Twitter saw its shares plunge on Monday as the company lost $5 Billion in market share after banning President Trump


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One thought on “Twitter Stock Plunges As Trump Supporters Say “NO MORE”! – The Trump Times”
  1. Dear President Trump, please wear this second impeachment as a badge of Courage. You courageously fought the swamp for us. No good deed goes unpunished. You are the Exact Opposite of the evil bastards that now control our country. Many heroes in the bible were abandoned by people without courage (cowards) PLease know you are forever loved by the people you helped. There was fraud and the criminals won. They have been winning for years until you came along. For four years they attacked you. For four years they devised plans in which to regain the power they lost to you. Again we thank you and Pray to God that he strips those evil bastards that run our country of what they hold most near and dear and know no depth in hell they won’t go to attain it. Money and Power. May God cast them down to the fiery lake to be cleansed of their filthy, stinks to high heaven, self righteousness. Just like the pharisees 2k years ago. They think they are so righteous yet in reality they work for satan. THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP for TYRING TO DEFEAT THE EVIL WHICH HAS ENCOMPASSED OUR COUNTRY. Big tech censorship, Big bureaucrat waste, demoncrat and rino sell outs and Globalist at the controls

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