Former President Donald Trump‘s Senate impeachment hoax trial defense team will include videos of Democrats encouraging violence


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2 thoughts on “Team Trump Will Show Videos Of Democrats Encouraging Violence During Impeachment Hoax Trial – The Trump Times”
  1. President Trump,
    Thank-you for all you have done for our country. You are a true Patriot, and you worked hard to make our country a better place to live. You were such a great President, and we want you to run again in 2024!! The current person in the White House is making such a mess of this country. I really feel like the election was stolen from us all. I will never believe you did not win. We need you back!
    I am a retired teacher in Georgia, and I was lucky enough to attended three of your rallies along the way. What fun they were, and not once did you incite any violence on anyone. You didn’t on that day at the Capitol either, they are just trying to blame it on you. I ask for the Lord to keep His hands on you, I pray HE will bless and keep you & your family always. You are such a good person.
    Thank-you for Project Warp Speed. I will get my second Covid vaccine on Friday. Thank-you, President Trump!

  2. Dear Donald Trump. Your Lawyers are not doing a very good job representing you. Caster seems to ramble on without really getting to the point: That this was a pre-planned, premeditated attack on the Capitol. The Pipe Bombs placed at the RNC and DNC headquarters were only diversions to the riots that were to take place the next day. The Capitol Chief of Police asked 6 times for more help and was ignored. You have got to make these points clear in your defense. I don’t know why you didn’t hire Jay Sukalow again. He did such a good job for you last year. Caster is just not going to represent you well. Get better lawyers.
    Thank you, Debbie McCroskey

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