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SIM : Isolation’s passenger

Recently someone judged roughly i am “anti-american”, probably because of my exhibition “American shot”. His words, obviously coming from his guts, although they were as cautious as possible, hurt me a lot and I was near to cry, ridiculous, alone behind my screen.

I am not anti-american, in the same way i am never stigmatizing and judging any particular population. My exhibition and the novel i have written for this exhibition are crystal clear about it.

I believe our western civilization is at a crossroad, where we, individuals, groups, communities, nations, together, have to choose between violence and hatred or love and cooperation. And it is our last chance. I have no truth, i don’t judge anyone, it is only a message i wish to send for all people in the world. That’s also why i am very happy a majority of american people said to the word of hatred, division, violence : sorry, you’re fired.

God bless all the americans, including the guy who misunderstood me.

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