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It has been almost 3 full years now since I posted this image which had quite a bit of controversy at the time……

It was my response to the election of categorically the worst person to ever be given the opportunity to lead our country. I had a number of people that would tell me things like “give him a chance” or “Wait and see how he does before you judge him.”

Well here we are almost three years later and more than half of Donald Trump’s time in office is over… Here are the results of me “giving him a chance”

* Mass deportations of immigrants
* Transgender bans in the military
* Daily examples of overt RACISM
* Mass shootings by and large from White Nationalists
* President telling women of color to “go back to your country”
* Children in cages
* Protesters hit with cars
* President calling White Supremacists “Very Fine people”
* Republicans unwilling to hold him accountable for ANYTHING
* Legal immigration only for the wealthy
* Only foreign governments that are friendly are now Authoritarians
* We are the butt of jokes across the world
* Man accused of sexual assault now a Supreme court judge
* Legalized discrimination through “Sincerely held religious beliefs”
* Still no ban on assault rifles or even background checks
* Attack on our healthcare
* A liar in the White House who sells out his country to Russia
* Conservatism now replaced largely with Trumpism

Honestly I could probably just keep going with that list but its making me ill thinking about it all and everything terrible that has happened in our country since the election of Donald Trump… It is time to do the right thing, even if it fails to succeed. It is time to IMPEACH Trump and send a clear message to those who have adopted the philosophy of Trumpism that enough is enough. We want our country back again…

So that photo I posted almost 3 years ago… I stand by it… If you are living out your existance in horror and disgust watching everything that POS does to damage our nation… I stand by YOU…

And for anyone following me who voted for that narcissistic, greedy, racist traitor… if you still stand up for him after all he has done to bring shame upon this flag that I stand by and the diversity of people it represents…

GTFO of my Flickr

in 2020



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