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The candidate for The Republican leadership, Donald Trump, has grown into a kind of one-man chaos theory at the center of a primary campaign. The solemn party leaders desperately want him to go away; the consultant and donor feel irrelevant and even the media seems rattled…
Last week, after some first sign that, after an uninspired performance in the second debate, Trump’s poll numbers might be a bit stalled, pundits rushed to declare the ‘‘beginning of the end’’ for Trump.
And now, he leads again in every poll, and it’s October, and he keeps going at full speed ahead!
Where does this will end?
Trump admit: “I have no idea, but I’m here now. And it’s beautiful…”
One could say that Donald Trump is applying the theory of this american author, Ari Meisel, and his book: LESS DOING , MORE LIVING.




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  1. I’m probably just a dumb nobody, I’ll ask anyway. I see President Trump giving several Pardons & commutes all or part of sentences. My husband was charged with incest, they offered him a 5 year plea agreement , but he said he wouldn’t take it because he didn’t do what he was being accused of. He had a jury trial & they sentenced him to 60 years. First off I truly don’t think he’s guilty, I’ve known him since 2000 & married him, this is the first time he has been accused of anything like this. He has been in prison for close to 17 years & going up for parole in May 2021. I think he has been falsely accused & feel like the only reason he got 60 years is because he wouldn’t take the 5 year plea agreement where he would have been released 18 months later. Again he wouldn’t take plea because he said he wasn’t guilty. It’s the people who say they’re guilty whether they are or not who take the 5 year plea so they won’t sit in prison. I’d like to see something done about this, but have the feeling that’s not going to happen. Even so I would appreciate a response to this. I’m sorry if I have wasted anybody’s time

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