Republicans must demand that the full unedited transcript of Joe Biden's phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin


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One thought on “Did White House Lie About What Biden Told Putin In Their Phone Call? – The Trump Times”
  1. What was the awful hurry and flurry to get Old Joe, the pawn, into the Whitehouse? And to see his advisor Susan Rice, the criminal who lied about Benghazi, killing of Khadsofi and family, allowing migrants to start their treks in into the Middle East and Western Europe! My God, where is the U S Military! Sitting around, as in the Capital riot and doing nothing! Our Laws (haha) are supposed to PROTECT the American people, in fact,
    THAT is their # ONE duty! Not being done! Proof of a coup and take over. Does anyone read or study history anymore? The Romans marched in and took over Greece like a Sunday afternoon visit! We definitely are ancient GREEKS!!!!!!!!! You KNOW what ROME BECAME!!!!!!!

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