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We spoke out. We marched at a time when we didn’t know if it would kill us and it was all because we couldn’t imagine that we could continue to live in a world so cruel as to not see the value in Black joy, talent, ideas, sorrow, stories, traditions, and identities. And, in most cities across America, budgets have not significantly changed to put more money into communities instead of policing. The only tool a cop has is a gun and the badge is his/her/their get out of jail free card. Why do we expect anything different to happen in America if we pour more money into police budgets and reforms that clearly don’t work instead of putting money into public education, job opportunities, the elimination of food deserts, equitable housing and health care, and mental health clinics? Do we really want to be a country where only rich white people survive?

Black Lives Still Matter…they still matter to me every day.

In my own city, our mayor lied about not being aware of a wrongful raid of a social worker in which her home was violated and she was naked. (Anjanette Young). Apparently, this is a pretty regular occurrence:…

Here’s a list of men who are Black recently murdered by police in America:…

Here’s how Wall Street profits from police brutality and America’s violent yet lucrative (for some) tradition of white supremacy:

Every day we don’t demand change is a day wasted when we were not our best selves. Humans are still dying out there and we need to vote out those who only protect some of the population and leave the rest to be murdered. So, Trump will soon be gone…will Biden be any better? We must insist that it is so! Humans who are Black are not suddenly white and they still need kindness, protection, love, and policies that look out for them.

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