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There’s starting to be a growing concern that, though many of us expected a temper tantrum from Trump, he is withholding key information about national security and Coronavirus that would help protect American lives and, in addition to this, he’s fired many advisors and hired many radicals. In addition, it came out that the GOP tried to bribe a US Postal Service worker in Pennsylvania $130,000 to lie and say there were election irregularities yesterday, which this man later recanted.

So, which one is true…do progressives hate freedom when we’re the ones sticking up for Democracy? Do Progressives hate America when we’re the ones standing up for every vote to be counted?

I really don’t want to think a coup could happen but I think we all need to be vigilant because Trump has always gotten his way in his life no matter what choice he’s made and that has led to a perception that he can insist that reality is different and it will actually become different for him.

But that’s not the reality that the majority of Americans chose….

Above: a woman cheers on the crowd of Biden Harris 2020 supporters from the roof of her car.

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