Prezident Brown (born Fitz Albert Cotterell) has been called “one of the most interesting cultural dee jays since U-Roy.” Emphasizing positive messages, Brown has continued to pioneer his own direction, developing his own approach to dee jaying that he calls “the chanting stylee.” Born to a Seventh Day Adventist family in Colonel Ridge, Clarendon, Brown grew up in St. Mary, a small town in the the north coast resort city of Ocrabessa. Although he showed potential as an artist, as a youngster he was forced to leave school in order to support his mother and three sisters after the death of his father. Brown launched his musical career at the age of 14, when he began dee jaying for the Sound King Stereo Mix at the Bamboo lounge. Initially known as Junior Ranking, Brown was dubbed “Slim Brown” by dee jay Nicodemus. When he recorded his debut single, a duet with Chinna, in 1988, Brown was named “Dancehall Doctor.” The title “Prezident” was bestowed upon him by the late Jack Ruby, producer of Burning Spear’s albums, “”Marcus Garvey,” and “Man in the Hills”. With Ruby overseeing his recordings, Brown enjoyed such hits as “Rough Road,” “Brain Food,” and “Roots in the Music.” Following Ruby’s death in 1988, Brown became involved with producers Delroy Collins, Barry O’Hare, and Stephen Stewart of Grove Music. He switched to Cole’s label, Roof International, shortly afterwards, and began performing and emceeing at the Rooftop Club. His most successful period came after resuming his partnership with O’Hare in 1989. In 1995, Brown toured the United Kingdom, promoting his debut album Big, Bad & Talented. ~ Craig Harris


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