In this live stream, Pastor Alan DiDio interviews @Lou Engle a true prayer warrior and someone who has devoted years to learning more about fasting and dreams, and how the two can inter-twine. Brother Engle is working hard right now against abortion. With more than 60 million abortions already, this isn’t something God will just let slip by. His judgement is coming! This is what is BURNING in Brother Engle’s heart and he would like you to join him in fasting for a pro-life president. His ministry did it many years ago and it definitely had a lasting impact. And it is time again to get into fasting and praying.

Book, “The Fast”:

What is also very interesting is 1 week before this live stream, Pastor Alan interviewed @Jeremiah Johnson Ministries and He talked about how the next biggest fight will be against abortion. It is time to stand up for Life, and follow the Call of God! Share this video if you are ready to uncover the lies and deception of abortion and “pro-choice”.
Interview with Jeremiah Johnson:

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