Donald Trump arrived in West Palm Beach, #Florida on Wednesday soon after leaving the White House for the final time.

With his term at an end, #Trump said farewell to Washington but also hinted at a comeback.

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One thought on “Donald Trump arrives in Florida as Joe Biden sworn in as next US president”
  1. Dear Mr. President, I must tell you how extremely astonished I was when sleepy Joe was elected in the November election. You were a breath of fresh reasoning to a country gone astray during the previous 8 year of the Democratic rule. You, being a successful businessman for many years. Like many of us you were not a swamp dragon for you lifetime and may I say “THANK GOD FOR THAT”! It was so evident to reasonable adults that you were able to do more in 4 years than others (Obama admin) were unable to even attempt to do the right things in 8 years. Mr.President, may God bless you and our entire nation. God please continue to bless MAGA, and dear God please bring peace to Jerusalem as you instructed us to pray.
    In His infinite love and peace,
    Linda C. Parr (Mrs.)

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