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  1. Why don’t you try something like Denmark is doing? Hear what the youth are saying? Eh? Jews don’t want to hear what other nationalities have to say? Life isn’t only about This time have your hit men or Kusner’s to kill my husband so you can be put away. Or go to GOD and repent and receive Jesus the Christ.

    “Children’s General Assembly will Meet in Billund,
    Denmark this September to Present the United Nations
    with Global Solutions
    Wed, March 24, 2021, 10:06 AM · 5 min read
    Children from Around the World are Called to Participate in
    the Children’s General Assembly and Offer Their Ideas for
    Creating a Better Future
    NEW YORK, March 24, 2021 /CNW/ — The Children’s General
    Assembly will be held in Billund, Denmark from September 19-
    21, 2021, concurrently with the United Nations General
    Assembly meeting. While world leaders meet in New York for
    the UN General Assembly, children from around the world will
    convene their own assembly to discuss their approach to
    solving the world’s most critical issues. The goal of the
    Children’s Assembly is to present the UN with a united voice
    from children around the world.
    Invitation t Invitation to the Childr o the Children’s Gener s General Assembly 2021 al Assembly 2021
    Quote Lookup
    China Tech Giants Dive as Delisting
    Threat Joins Crackdown Fears
    Televisa Discusses Deal With Longtime
    Partner Univision
    GLOBAL MARKETS-Asian shares wobble
    in volatile trade as China tech selloff
    Exclusive: U.S. regulator opens inquiry
    into Wall Street’s blank check IPO frenzy
    – sources
    Nike sees social media storm in China
    over Xinjiang statement
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    Search for news, symbols or companies Sign in Mail”The UN’s world leaders meet to discuss the future, but the
    future belongs to us,” said Dicte Ø. Christensen, 13 years old,
    from Billund. “With the Children’s Assembly, we will now have
    the opportunity to be at the table and offer our ideas and
    solutions of how to better this world.”
    Dicte Ø. Christensen invites children everywhere to take a
    stand for their future by joining this Assembly. See video
    Children from across the globe with different nationalities,
    gender and economic status, ages 10-17, are called to sign up
    at by April
    7, 2021, to participate in the Children’s General Assembly.
    Those who sign up after the deadline can still view and
    comment on the Assembly meeting in September.
    An estimated 80 children from 40 different nations will
    participate in three online workshops in April and May to
    tackle issues of their choice such as climate change, access to
    the world’s resources, education, gender equality, and more.
    Only a few children from each country will be selected to
    ensure diversity. The children will then be put into groups
    based on their interest on particular issues. A spokesperson
    from each group will present their ideas in one virtual
    workshop in June. Those children will be chosen based on
    diversity and their interest in creating the final proposal for
    the UN. All workshops will be facilitated by educators from
    Billund, dedicated to encouraging children to think critically

  2. Remember the world of New Earth and New Heavens and New Jerusalem if you ever get out the 4 books and look at the every changing JESUS THE CHRIST. even chinese yes and african uh oh. See you can’t handle that can you jewish people even went out of your way to blame others when Hitler just wanted you guys out of Germany. Poles were the one in the horrible jails and cremated HELPING TO GET YOU LYING JEWS FREED.

    All you jews can go to Mars. Please go the Earth will so much better without you discusting piggish people.

    Always everyone has to babysit you. Always we have to babysit the people you harmed and their babies. Go to Mars.


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