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Mike Pence’s role in the Trump administration has been forced more into the spotlight with the president’s illness from coronavirus. Here’s a look back at Pence’s career. Wochit

Update: IndyStar has learned Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen Pence in September requested absentee ballots from the Marion County Clerk’s Office.

Earlier: Vice President Mike Pence has canceled his Friday appearance in Indianapolis, where he planned to vote at the Indianapolis City-County Building. 

His office did not provide an explanation when asked why. His office said the trip would be rescheduled soon. 

Pence spoke at a rally Thursday in Nevada for President Trump’s reelection campaign. He flew out Thursday afternoon from Nevada and landed just after 2 p.m. in Phoenix. He is scheduled to speak at a rally in the suburbs this evening. 

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He and his wife, Karen Pence, each tested negative for COVID-19 Thursday, according to his office. 

“Nobody’s sick. There’s no positive tests,” Pence spokesman Devin O’Malley said. “The VP is planning on travelling on Saturday and Monday. We’ll have more information on the vice president’s schedule next week soon.”

In Phoenix, both Mike and Karen Pence were wearing masks when they disembarked the plane. They were greeted on the ground by Gov. Doug Ducey and Sen. Martha McSally. Pence elbow bumped the governor and senator in greeting. 

Pence had been scheduled to fly into Indianapolis Friday before returning that evening to Washington, D.C. He is scheduled to be in Florida Saturday, Ohio Monday and Wisconsin Tuesday. 

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