Vice President Mike Pence has lashed rival Kamala Harris mid-debate for claiming justice has not been done over the killing of Breonna Taylor – accusing the former prosecutor of assuming a grand jury “got it wrong”.

“I trust our justice system, a grand jury that refused the evidence,” Mr Pence said.

“It really is remarkable that as a former prosecutor you would assume that an empanelled grand jury looking at all the evidence got it wrong, but you’re entitled to your opinion, senator.”

When asked if justice was done, Senator Harris said “I don’t believe so”.

“I’ve talked to Breonna’s mother, Tamika Palmer, and her family deserves justice. She was a beautiful young woman, she had as her life goal to become a nurse, and she wanted to become an EMT to first learn what’s going on out on the street so she could then become a nurse and save lives,” Senator Harris said.

“Her life was taken unjustifiably and tragically and violently.”

Protesters rushed to the streets of the state’s largest city last month after a grand jury issued no murder charges over Ms Taylor’s death at her home in March.

The grand jury indicted now-former officer Brett Hankison with three counts of wanton endangerment.

He could face up to five years in prison in each count if convicted.

The two other offers who were involved have not been charged.


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