Trump’s leadership style

Elsewhere in the speech Mr Pence praised Mr Trump while acknowledging their differences – Mr Pence is from the evangelical wing of the Republican Party, one of its traditional support bases – and even hinting at the criticism the president faces over his approach. 

“He does things his own way, on his own terms. Not much gets past him and when he has an opinion, he’s liable to share it. He’s certainly kept things interesting, but more importantly, he’s kept his word,” Mr Pence said of Mr Trump. 

At the end of the speech, punctuated with chants of “four more years” and “USA! USA!” from the hundred or so supporters in the audience, Mr Pence was joined by his wife Karen as well as Mr Trump and his wife Melania. 

They later greeted the supporters, few of whom were wearing masks as they ditched social distancing requirements to rush forward for photographs. Mr Trump posed for selfies at points, grinning with two thumbs up. 

On Thursday it is Mr Trump’s turn. The president is scheduled to give the four-day convention’s closing address from the White House, followed by a fireworks display over Washington DC’s monuments. 


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