Vice President Mike Pence “had an all points victory” over Democrat Kamala Harris in the US vice-presidential debate according to Sky News host Chris Kenny.

“Normally that wouldn’t matter much, except most of America knows that if Joe Biden wins the election, there is a better than even chance that Harris becomes the first female president of the United States within four years probably,” he said.

Mr Kenny said both Mr Pence and Ms Harris were “much more polite and subdued” than US President Donald Trump and Joe Biden during the recent first presidential debate.

“The vice-presidential debate was more enlightening for sure than last week’s presidential slugfest, and the pandemic was centre frame,” Mr Kenny said.

“The debate covered a lot of ground, Harris ran a lot of the disproven conspiracy theories against Trump, about him allegedly failing to condemn white supremacists, when of course we know he’s done that countless times”.

“Pence hit back with reality, and he did that also on the issue of accepting the election result”.

Mr Kenny said in the fallout of the debate the left sought to explain the defeat and again “our old friend identity politics got another run”.


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