While I feel badly for Mike Pence as he slinks around Indiana, hoping Proud Boys won’t hunt him down and lynch him, I don’t feel TOO badly about it. He clearly hopped on the Trump train with the thought that it was a sure ticket to his own presidency and that he’d use Trump while Trump used him. The list of Trump’s wives could have been a hint to Pence that loyalty is not something Trump is big on. If only Pence had stopped giving Donald those adoring glances, he might have seen what, or who, was going down.
Lyrics to my little ditty below:

Mike Pence is back in Indiana, hiding in a cornfield
hoping Trump’s assassination team won’t find him there.
He must look back with fondness on his years in the Trump minefield
tiptoeing around to not upset Trump or his hair.

(Spoken section)
It really kind of makes you wonder what kind of a guy Mike Pence is
that he could be working that closely with Donald Trump and not notice that maybe the guy was a sociopath, who might at some time
send goons in to have you lynched.
You know, I guess I think I’d notice that if I was working with someone.

Oh what an honor for Mike Pence to have been the royal mascot
he was valued so much Donald thought he should be lynched.
Now he is back in Indiana, pretty clear that he’s got
an idea, if the Proud Boys find him, he’d be ‘pinched’.

So it’s clear Trump made the nation truly great again
Great for racists, great for hating, great if you’re a clown.
If Trump comes back, we’ll enjoy his failed state again
and the thought of that has really got me down
and the thought of that has got me down.
copyright 2021, Bruce W. Nelson


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