Karen Pence isn’t happy with her homophobic ex-husband’s fixation on gays.

Washington DC-  The world is focused on the unfolding drama between President Donald Trump and the country of Iran. Tensions are high, and no one knows how the crisis is going to end.

What is going under the radar is the dissolution of the Vice President’s marriage due to his fixation with the comedic short film on Netflix titled The First Temptation of Christ.

The First Temptation of Christ depicts the 30th birthday party of the Nazarene. The twist to the story is that Jesus brings a surprise guest to the festivity. It seems Jesus and his male friend are more than friends and know each other biblically.

The 46-minute mini-movie was kneedeep in controversy before Mike and Karen Pence’s separation. NBC News reports the creators’ studio was the target of a firebomb attack:

The Christmas Eve attack on an empty video production house didn’t injure anyone but came as a shock even in a country accustomed to violence. A video circulating days later on social media showed three men claiming responsibility for the attack, and said they had targeted Brazilian comedy group Porta dos Fundos for its Portuguese-language program.

Friends of the Pence’s note the couple doesn’t even have the streaming video service because of its unChristian programming. What Mike Pence was doing, however, was watching the free trailer for the show on YouTube over and over again.

Andrew Canard is a longtime friend of the couple and had this to say:

Mike would just sit in his man cave and watch the clip for hours and hours. Occasionally he’d complain about the depiction of Jesus being a dirty, sexy homosexual before hitting the watch again button. It went on for days. Karen organized an intervention, but how can you reach a man who loves gay Jesus so much?

After seeking assistance from a licensed mental health therapist, Karen moved out and filed for divorce.

Sources say Mike agreed to all of her demands in the settlement. That way he doesn’t have to spend time away from watching the trailer.

In related news, Finland’s female Prime Minister bans President Trump.

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