While much of the discussion is about what the candidates said, a body language expert believes how Pence and Harris delivered their answers is even more telling.

Traci Brown analyzes body language professionally to determine the truthfulness of witnesses and suspects in criminal and civil cases.

The first thing Brown noticed was that Mike Pence was not at all comfortable with the prospect of stepping into the presidency, should President Trump, who recently tested positive for the coronavirus, die or become incapacitated.

“It doesn’t make him comfortable to think about taking over,” Brown said, basing her opinion on Pence’s body language. “That is not what he wants to happen at all, and I think it would scare the hell out of him.”

In contrast, Brown believes Harris is less of a yes woman and more of a future party leader. Brown even believes Harris and former Vice President Joe Biden may have different priorities when it comes to racial justice. Brown recalled Biden stumbling over his words more when discussing that topic than any other during last week’s presidential debate.


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